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Casual Friday Cute

Jun 15, 2018

Jacket: American Eagle / Top: Express / Jeans: NYDJ / Shoes: Target / Bag: Nordstrom 

I'm lucky enough to work in a law office that is super casual since business pants and blouses are so not me. When I wear jeans, I like to pair a cute top with either a sweater or a jacket, and this spring/summer I'm all about a soft jacket. This particular one, I wear with so many things and it always looks good because of the fitted, tailored shape. This jacket is pretty old from American Eagle, so when I see pieces like this, I make sure to scoop them up! 

Staying True to Yourself on Instagram and Social Media

Jun 11, 2018

Goals: something to achieve. Goals on Instagram: someone to envy and wishes to copy. The first kind of goals: great. Something to strive for to better yourself. The second kind: bad. Played out, annoying, creation of social media clones.

Who would’ve thought that there are two different definitions for goals today, huh? I’ve briefly shared my opinions on the downside of social media before, but this trumps all. Probably every day you see a comment on someone’s picture that says, “omg girl you are goalz!” or “your body is goals!” or “ummm, hair goalzzz girl!” and more of the same but you get the picture. So, what’s the big problem you ask, about this type of compliment? Well first off, it’s hands-down the most annoying comment on social media. Instagram has created a clone-monster of sorts with girls who all look alike and push the same products become “Insta-famous” or proud “influencers” with everyone else trying to copy them.

It’s human nature to envy and want to be like someone you admire, and it’s normal to want to improve things on yourself, we all do it. But the problem here is that women who saturate themselves scrolling on Instagram see what’s popular and want to turn into a copy of that. There is no expression of individuality anymore, and it’s almost becoming uncool or un-follow worthy if you don’t purchase the photo package preset’s that a hundred others just did, purchase those plane tickets to AZ to get extensions from Hair by Chrissy that a hundred other girls do, or if you don’t get those eyelash extensions, those fake dipped nails, and do the BBG workouts and document your proof in a dozen different bikini’s each day.

Ladies: let’s stop scrolling and envying what you assume is someone who has it all, and has it all together. It’s no secret that Instagram shows the pretty (and most times fake or set-up for photo worthiness) side of life, but remember the grass isn’t always greener. You should never compare yourself to a stylized photo of someone online. If we could appreciate a feed for their awesome photos, adorable personality, cute clothes, etc. and then stop there, it would automatically become a more positive space. Instead of going out and copying in order to get more likes and follows which is what you think would make you happier/better, remember that real life is OUTSIDE the phone, and if you spend time living your life, being yourself, and staying true to who you are, then you wont care about the pressure of having to live and look a certain way and being sure to document it online so people don’t forget about you. You are the only you on this planet, and that itself is pretty damn powerful. And Insta-worthy too.

Be yourself. Do what you love. Live your own life.


Rainbow Bright

Jun 8, 2018

 Top: Target ( A New Day) / Jacket: H&M (kids dept) / Denim: Articles of Society (Nordstrom) / Shoes: Jessica Simpson Collection / Bag: Charming Charlie / Earrings: Bauble Bar

 What goes into a blog shoot you ask? Well this particular day started out cold, hence the jacket. By shoot time it was roasting, my feet were numb, I was changing outfits in my car in a busy parking lot, and my hair full on frizzed. Nevertheless, I always love doing a blog shoot. 

When I saw this top in Target it was like I got the heart eyes emoji on my face. I'm so small busted that I normally shy away from any type of wrap top (even though I think they are beautiful) but as I was looking at this top, I didn't care. I was thinking about all the items in my own closet that this top would be amazing with, so apologies in advance if you see it lots! It's a flattering, not-too-low wrap, cropped, and a peplum so what's not to love?


10 Books Currently On My Nightstand

Jun 4, 2018

10 books currently on my reading list

I love books, always have. During my school years, I stayed home alone everyday during the summer and instead of going outside or watching TV, I would look forward to lunch time when I made either a Stouffer's or a salad, and then read in the peace and quiet. I loved that time. To this day, an idea of a fun time is going to Barnes & Noble, grabbing a coffee, and getting lost among the aisles. I have a deep love of beautiful and historical libraries, and on my bucket list is spending time in Harvard's famous one. 

So it's not a shocker then that usually I have more than one book on my nightstand, after all, I do have a lot of interests! At this current moment though, my insane brain has either started or is in deep TEN different books! If you're looking for something new or different, check out my picks below.

Always Enough / Never Too Much
I just picked up this gem which has 100 daily devotions to quit comparing, stop hiding, and start living wild and free. For someone who feels too much and not enough, sometimes on the same day, a grounding book like this speaks to my soul.

The Conscious Parents Guide To Co-parenting
Obviously this isn't for everyone, and I hope you who are reading this never has to buy a book like this. The only other option though if your curious was something with the title of "how to deal with an asshole of a co-parent". Yeah, trying to create calm and uniformity here, so this one was the winner!

You Are A Badass
If you haven't heard of or read this book by now, are you living under a rock?! A fantastic, motivational, and kick-in-the-pant's type book to help you figure your shit out, and own it. 

What A Son Needs From His Mom
I want to be the best parent I can, but most importantly I want my baby to grow up right. Things are different now for a child growing up in this world than when I was raised, and I want to know all I can to help him be the best person he can be.

The Romanov Sisters
I'm a HUGE history buff, and I have always been fascinated by the story of Anastasia, so I'm fueling that love with books on the Romanov family. They are most famous for their horrifying and somewhat mysterious death as a family, but this book tells the tale of family from the beginning, and the complex and charming characteristics of the four beautiful grand duchesses.  

Devotions For The God Girl
Going to Catholic schools my entire life (college too), I've always made time to keep my strength up in my faith, but lately I find that hard to do. The last thing I do before I go to bed is read this book. It consists of a daily one-page devotionals for each day of the year, that feature a Bible passage and then has you reflect on what it means today in the life of a modern young woman. I love this devotional because it has nothing to do with Bible study or journalism that is big in general Christian faith circles, but is a quick nightly cool-down that calms and comforts me. 

12,000 Dreams Interpreted
I always keep this one on my bedside within reach because first, I love learning things and little random facts, and second, I am mildly obsessed with decoding my dreams and trying to make sense of them. 

Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince
I explanation necessary. And although I've re-read the books countless times and seen the movies over a hundred, this particular one I haven't read in a long while and I feel that whenever they show the movies on TV, this one isn't shown as much for some reason. Just refreshing my love!! (plus, you are never ever too old for HP!)

The Last Tudor
My obsession with history revolves around The Tudors. I've seen most of the shows/movies (helloooo The Tudors TV show, why did you have to end????), read most of the books, and drooled over the historical castles still standing today in England, and I can never seem to get enough. It's a true love. If you love Tudor fiction, then Phillipa Gregory is the queen of writing. Cue the tears because this book is titled not only for the characters in it, but also for the last of Phillipa's books on her Tudor journey. 

Styling For Instagram
You know it's a big deal when they write books on it right? Instagram, by far my favorite social media site, and yet so much angst with it and how unrealistic it is sometimes. For a blogger or photographers sake however, this book is a visual guide to how to optimize your page.

Some of these books I found simply from wandering around the bookstore, and others I saw people share on Instagram or on blogs. How do you find what you read? What books are you currently reading? I want to know, I may widen my literary horizon!


Mix & Match Chic

May 29, 2018

 I give you the most chic and versatile outfit ever (drum-roll).....

Suit Separates  / Tank (the best!) / Earrings / Bag: Kate Spade / Shoes: Go Jane

Easy-breezy suiting separates! As soon as I saw this blazer and shorts I knew I had to have them, they are different yet tailored and can be mixed and matched with so many pieces. I have a street-style vibe going here, but I cannot wait to rock this look with wedges and a flirty cami for an upcoming bridal shower! 
 Photos by Dashaunae Jackson