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Finding Your Perfect Foundation for a Flawless Face

Sep 28, 2017

So today I thought I would do a different kind of post since reached out to me in regards to how I go about finding the perfect foundation for my beauty routine. Back in the day when I worked in high-end fashion boutiques I wore makeup every single day. As I started getting older, I realized my skin was not loving makeup and I went through the experimental phase of spending money on all the designer brands to see if one of their foundations would work for my skin. Flash forward to today, and I only wear full face makeup for special events or nice dinners out. Especially now that I'm pregnant, my skin hates any kind of makeup! I do have my favorite go-to's however, which I've posted at the end! Here is how (now close to age thirty) I finally figured out how to shop for my makeup.

Finding a perfect foundation is a huge undertaking. There are so many pieces of the puzzle to think about and consider: the formula, the coverage, the shade. When it's all said and done you want a formula that evens out your skin tone and looks great all day.

When picking out a foundation there are a few factors to consider. Checking out ingredients is always smart because some formulas might contain ingredients that increase the risk of skin irritation, clog pores, or increase the risk of sun damage. You also want to make sure there is a shade that actually works with your skin tone. Some lines have limited options so you want to make sure there is a match for you. Then you need to consider the finer points like finish and amount of coverage you are looking for. While all of this can seem like a lot it really is worth it when at the end of the process you have a seamless match that truly gives you a flawless face. 

Rather than having to do this entire process yourself there is an alternative. recently went through this entire process and created a guide to help beauty mavens as they try to find their perfect match. Take a look here: to see their full guide to finding foundation. 

Here are the two foundations I go between (and sometimes mix together for the perfect shade) 

Maternity Pictures

Sep 25, 2017


Dress: Altrd State (non-maternity), Sandals: Topshop, Flower Crown: Francesca's Collections

I can't beleive I'm 8 months preggo tomorrow! 

Nothing like some spur of the moment maternity pics on the Iphone! We were out for my dad's birthday and passed the gardens on the way home and decided the light was perfect for taking some pictures in my favorite place on earth. I just know that as my little guy grows up in these gardens, he will love them too. 

PS: how funny is my dad? He decided to photo-bomb a couple of my pics and I couldn't breathe with how hard I was laughing. Those moments make the best candid pics! 

A New Day for Fresh Fall Fashion

Sep 13, 2017

Who would've thought summer brights would be a great transition into fall?!

(All items except peasant blouse and joggers are from Target's new line, A New Day. The other two pieces are from Gap)

When I was browsing through Old Navy the other day, I was really surprised by the fall offerings. Lots of bright colors, casual pieces and chic accessories were merchandised for fall. They also had so many cute booties, denim and layering sweaters I had to redirect myself to the baby section so I wouldn't buy anything for me! 

When I was doing my usual shopping at Target, I saw they had out their new line for women called  A New Day and while it was merchandised poorly, I thought the items were pretty fashionable and fresh even though a couple of them you could tell weren't the best quality (side note-my spirit color is Emerald, so I was thrilled to try on the emerald shift dress with bell sleeves, and it was pretty cute on and fit well, but even standing a little distance away you could see it was cheaper material, so I passed on it).  Anyways, I went through the section like a weirdo putting outfits together and figured I may as well share with you guys some great summer to fall transition looks for a budget price. Can I say though that I am loving all these accessories from this line, so feminine chic! 

Above from left to right are 3 outfits that can I styled for a fun take on transitional dressing, and can be easily mixed and matched with other pieces. Which one would you rock? I'm loving look 3 the best! 


Baby Gender Reveal Lunch!

Sep 8, 2017

It's a....boy!

(pics straight from Icloud, sorry for crappy quality!)
Dress: Leith (Nordstrom), Shoes: Splendid

the cutest cupcake toppers from Etsy

my mom's ugly cry face when she found the blue center 

So I know this is a couple months late, but I figured I would share a bit of my pregnancy journey with you guys with this post. 

Backstory: I knew I was pregnant almost right away and took the test early because I hate waiting. I found out when I was 4 weeks along, so that's super earlier than most women! My doctor said we couldn't find out the gender until I was 20 weeks along or 5 months, so waiting almost that whole time to find out was killing me! It really was the longest 5 months. I am not good with surprises and I really wanted to start getting to know my little bean and finding out if it was a girl or boy was the start. We already had our name picked out for each gender, and I was waiting on purchasing anything until we knew. 

Well the day finally came at my regularly scheduled appointment on a Thursday, and then our family's gender reveal lunch was that Sunday. Well just my luck that some miscommunication in the office occurred and they couldn't squeeze us in for the ultrasound that day! I was crushed. They were nice enough to squeeze me in the next morning since I started crying that now I would have to reschedule the lunch that was already planned for months.  So the next day we went in, I was shaking I was so nervous/excited and they did the anatomy ultrasound which took about 30 mins, and about 5 mins in real casually the nurse goes "and here is the arm....and it's a boy...." !!! She said he was waiting to show off his goods to the camera and that he isn't camera shy at all. Yep, this is my child alright!
We were so happily surprised, Steve and his mom thought for sure it was a girl, my mom thought for sure it was a boy, and I didn't care either way and I never had any inclination to what it was.  I never had any crazy symptoms, cravings, etc. and all the old wives tales were mixed results. Well, I was driving to the mall after to purchase my first something for my little guy and all these thoughts starting going through my head such as"omg what am I supposed to do with a boy?!" and then " before you know it he will be 18 and leaving me forever". Um, can we say hormones? 

So the day of the lunch went great, I had ordered cupcakes for each person to get the surprise and while it was fun having a secret for a couple days just the two of us, it was really hard not to spill the beans. Everyone was so excited and my mom was sobbing it was so cute. It was a beautiful day in Cleveland and I was so happy to share it with the ones I love most. This is the first grandchild for my parents so they are overjoyed and I couldn't do it without them! 

Since then I have bought a ton of clothes, am prepping for my shower, and even took some spur of the moment maternity pics, which I will share soon! 


Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Purchases

Aug 1, 2017

You are probably sick of hearing about this sale by now, but I figured I would share my purchases and do a review of the most anticipated sale of the year. For the first time in years, I only purchased a couple items instead of a bunch. Mostly due to the fact that I'm currently six months pregnant so come fall time, I will not be interested in dolling up or wearing new clothes so close to giving birth. The second is due in part to the fact that this year, the sale just didn't wow me. Sorry to say but I saw so many bloggers on Instagram with the line
"guys its soooo good, shop my picks" because if you click their links, they get paid for that but really, it wasn't that great! I feel like I saw a lot of the same boring styles from last year and even this summer (e.g. bell sleeves, basic booties, boring dresses, and a lot of basic pieces, nothing noteworthy). 

So what did I buy then?
1. Well the raw edge pocket tees from Lush in black and white to replace my old ones (I like the longer hem and looser fit on these, it gives a casual look some ease). 

2. The ruffle sleeve cardigan from Topshop. I tried this on in the store in the lavender color in a size 6, and it was cute but the arms were way too big. I figured it would be a cute updated piece for fall in black so I ordered the size 4.

3. The Breton hat.  I am so happy that this style hat is finally back, because it makes any outfit look model-chic. I love hats anyway and am totally sick of the floppy brim styles of the past 3 seasons.

4. Leith body-con dress in eggplant is a literal best-buy piece. It's amazing quality and is a perfect piece to throw on with a stylish sweater, kimono or jacket and go. I got my normal size and wore it at 5 months preggers for my gender reveal luncheon. I know this is a piece I can wear with or without a bump!

5. Finally, my favorite item purchased is my Treasure & Bond leopard booties. I have been wanting leopard booties for years now and have never been able to find the right pair. I figured I'd try them on when I was in the store, and they are must-have's. The perfect pointed toe, slight block heel, and Chelsea boot style make it the ultimate neutral shoe to make any outfit. I can't wait to wear these with tons of outfits from leggings with a long tee and moto jacket, to my fall dresses. A great statement piece! 

Check out my purchases below, and let me know what you loved or didn't love this year! Is there any piece you budgeted for that you just had to have?

Best Dressed

Jul 7, 2017

My top dress pick's for summer, that are perfect for almost any occasion!

Clockwise: Nordstrom, Anthropologie, Anthropologie, Anthropologie, Nordstrom, Asos, Missguided, Vici Collection, Nordstrom, Chicwish, Vici Collection

In the news: Cleveland's Fashion Flash!

May 4, 2017

I am so honored to be featured on and in the Plain Dealer as the style star of the week! I love Cleveland so much and one of my blogging goals this year was to become more active in the Cleveland fashion and small business scene. I had a blast shooting this project, and you can click here to see the interview, more photos and a styling video by me!